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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves.
July 07, 2021
Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves.
July 07, 2021

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The app that acts as a purchaser.


Imagine your name is Don Draper (look up Mad Men if you aren’t familiar). You’ve been stuck on a client for a month now, spending nights in the office, changing into fresh white shirts in the morning, pulled from your desk drawer. It’s another late night, you approach your office bar, reach for the 20 year old aged scotch, and the bottle’s empty. No worries, you reach under the bar. No bottles. What happened? Did you forget to stop at the liquor store this week? No, you’ve never done that. You ring your secretary. She’s not in.
She’s been keeping your supply up for 4 years. Your scotch, your white shirts, your office supplies. Her entire job exists so that you don’t experience this exact moment.
You’re not Don Draper. Neither are we. But in some sense, we all are. There are things we need to have stocked in order for things to be business as usual. Much like a business, we function effectively when our inventory is full. Whether that’s an inventory of products, or an inventory of raw materials.


The problem.

Consumerism is a problem. We all purchase too much. But the root of the problem is that really, we’re purchasing what we don’t need. If it’s something we need, or even something that we want in order to alleviate a future need, that’s not much of an issue.
Consumers give their purchasing power away too easily. Then finances, frugality, and meaningful purchases are blown away in the wind. When any company can ask for a recurring amount for a slightly cheaper price, in exchange for forgetful loyalty, the charges add up, and the monthly income starts to dwain. Signing up is easy. Canceling? Difficult. Organizing all your purchases? Hectic. Timing them out so you actually use everything you buy? Almost impossible.


The solution.

You need your buying power back.
In a standard subscription model, your time is given back to you, in exchange for guaranteed money. Anyone that is employed is in a reverse subscription, where money is given in exchange for time.
So you really are no different from a business. Businesses purchase things and employ people. You, as a consumer, purchase things and employ things, so that you can work effectively.
A business would never accept a deal from a vendor that was not beneficial to them. And even if they did, it would have to be so insanely convenient that the convenience itself was benefit enough.


Run your household like a business.

Automate it.