Who are you?

Ok Incorporated.
Nice to meet you!
We are a user automation company.

We brainstorm ideas for automation that’s focused on consumers, rather than businesses.

What is Ok Subscribe?

It’s an application that purchases things for you,
when you want them to be purchased.

We want you to have more control of your financial life.

Both in subscribing to frequent purchases,
as well as taking control of current subscriptions.

What is Ok Subscribe all about?

Our goal is always control and simplicity.

You should be the person that determines what you do and do not
order every month, not the companies that sell it to you.

What kind of purchases can I subscribe to?

Anything you can place an order for online.

So what does that exclude?

  • Things that are already subscriptions.
    (We can’t subscribe you to a subscription, however we can allow you to turn them on and off.)
    Examples: Netflix, Spotify, Monthly shipment companies, etc.

  • Digital products you don’t order a second time
    (We don’t want to waste your money)
    Examples: software licenses or lifetime memberships.